AS Printall

AS Printall printing house was founded in 1971. Today Printall is the largest printing house in Estonia and the most contemporary and fastest developing printing plant in the Baltic States.

The main products of Printall are newspapers, quality magazines, advertising materials, direct mailing, product catalogues and paperbacks. Majority of the newspapers and magazines published in Estonia, and a large share of advertising media, are printed at Printall.

The proportion of Printall’s export production is over 65% of total turnover. The Company have customers in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Finland, Denmark, the Baltic countries, England, Holland, France, and Germany. Through our customers in the abovementioned countries, our printed matter also makes its way to China, the US, Africa etc.

Printall operates according to the ISO12 647 standard, which conforms to the standards of UGRA/Fogra Forschungsgesellchaft Druck e. V. Printall enterprise employs almost 200 people.

AS Printall
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