Arbitral Court of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made a decision regarding court action of AS Eesti Meedia and AS Ekspress Grupp 06.06

According to the ruling, the court decided to drop AS Eesti Meedia’s claim of action to require AS Ekspress Grupp to pay EUR 1 743 000 for the shares of AS Express Post and terminated the proceedings regarding the claim. Regarding the matter of the redemption prices of AS Ajakirjade Kirjastus and AS Õhtuleht, the court ruled AS Ekspress Grupp to pay in favour of AS Eesti Meedia besides to previously paid EUR 2.7 million an additional EUR 632 000. However, the court ruled AS Eesti Meedia to pay in favour of AS Ekspress Grupp EUR 68 232 to compensate procedure expenses.


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