AS Ekspress Grupp has decided to launch a programme for investing in startup companies 05.02

The total fund of the first stage of the programme is 500,000 euros, which are intended for investing in the companies at an early stage in the Baltic States.

In order to qualify for participation in the programme, a potential investee must comply with the following requirements:

  • Company is at an early stage of development and needs capital before the next funding round to prove their business idea has potential.
  • The business idea of the company is to develop a product or service targeted at retail consumers.
  • To promote the idea and put it into practice, the company needs marketing support from media.

Ekspress Grupp will invest financial resources in the equity capital of potential entrepreneurs, and, in addition, provides marketing support in the media operated by the Ekspress Grupp in the Baltics. 

The capital to be invested is limited to 50,000 euros per company, but will not exceed the marketing support provided additionally by the group.

Ekspress Grupp will not take the role of a leading investor in startup companies, nor will they expect to have a representative on the Supervisory board.

Since the beginning of this year, Ekspress Grupp is an associate member of the Estonian Business Angels Network EstBAN.



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