Results of OTC buy-back 11.05

AS Ekspress Group organized OTC buyback from May 2, 2016 until May 6, 2016. Sales orders have been presented by 34 investors for selling  829167 shares during the OTC buyback.

The issuer will buy all the shares from 23 investors who wish to sell up to 1000 shares. 1000 shares will be bought also from the other sellers and the remaining part of an offer will be multiplied by 0,5952, result of which will represent the number of shares the issuer will buy from an investor in addition to 1000 shares. The value date of the transaction is May 11, 2016. The issuer will acquire 500 000 own shares as a result of OTC buy-back.

         Additional information:
         Gunnar Kobin
         Chairman of the Management Board
         GSM: +372 5188111


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