AS Ekspress Grupp to reorganise management of SIA Delfi Holding 12.01

he Supervisory Board of SIA Delfi Holding has decided to reorganise the management of Delfi organisations in the Baltic States and in Ukraine. During the reorganisation, supranational central management of Delfi will be abolished and the management of Delfi in the Baltic States and Ukraine will continue through the local management and supervisory boards.

During many years of activity, all Delfi's local management boards have proven professional skills to manage the biggest internet media company and have also successfully led Delfi through the economic recession cycle. Therefore, the Supervisory Board does not see the need for the central supranational management body. In additon, the Supervisory Board seeks to improve the quality and speed of the development activities. Therefore, a new technology company will be formed based on Delfi's former development department. The purpose of the company will be to ensure elaboration of the best technological innovations for all Delfi organisations. Since the developments in the media industry in the coming years are particularly related to technological innovations, the second purpose of the company will be to serve ohter companies of AS Ekspress Grupp and thereby ensure tecnological development of the entire Group. Based on the above, from 13 January 2011, acting CEO of the Delfi central management Sven Nuutmann will be called back from the management boards of AS Delfi and SIA Delfi Holding and from the supervisory board of AS Delfi (Latvia) and UAB Delfi.


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