Change in the Management Board of AS Eesti Ajalehed 13.08

 The Supervisory Board of the Group’s book publishing company Hea Lugu OÜ decided to remove Arvo Pihl from the position of the Management Board member and to appoint Tiina Kaalep as a new member of the Management Board of Hea Lugu OÜ. 
 Tiina Kaalep will start as the Chief Executive of Hea Lugu OÜ from 13 August 2012.

„Tiina’s experience in the publishing and media sector is very valuable. In co-operation with her, we hope to make a qualitative leap in the publishing landscape and offer our readers many exciting developments“, commented Kadi Lambot, the Cairman of the Supervisory Board of Hea Lugu OÜ. 

For the past three years, Tiina Kaalep has served as the member of the Management Board of ERR where she curated  news and socio-political programs, news portals work, economy and foreign policy shows, as well as the programs of Vikerraadio and Raadio 4.

Tiina Kaalep has also previously worked in AS Ekspress Grupp, between 1998 and 2002 she led the A-part of Eesti Ekspress and was the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper.  From 2002 to 2006, Tiina was the Editor-in-Chief of Eesti Ekspress and served as the member of the management board of AS Eesti Ekspressi Kirjastus. 

Tiina Kaalep does not own any shares of AS Ekspress Grupp.


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