Changes in the Top Management of Delfi Lithuania 15.11

Aleksandras Česnavičius leaves his position as the Chief Executive Officer of Delfi Lithuania from 1 December 2013. Vytautas Benokraitis,  the Head of Sales of Delfi will temporarily take over his duties until the position is filled.

Aleksandras Česnavičius will pursue an international carrier and will step in as the General Director of the Romanian operations for Central European Media Enterprises Ltd (Pro TV S.A.).

Vytautas Benokraitis joined Delfi 3 years ago as Senior Sales Account Manager, for the last 2 years he has successfully performed his duties in the position of Sales Director. Previously, he has worked for MTG, Omnicom and Schibstedt Media Group.

Vytautas Benokraitis does not own any shares of AS Ekspress Grupp.


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