Division subsidiary undertaking AS Printall 19.11

AS Printall, a subsidiary undertaking of AS Ekspress Grupp, has on 08.11.2012 signed a division plan based on which AS Printall will divide by way of separation. As a result of this transaction all such intra-group loan and interest claims which are not necessary for day-to-day operation of the undertaking will be separated from AS Printall. As a result of the division there will be no changes in the activities or amount of share capital of AS Printall. During the course of division a new undertaking will be established under the name of OÜ Ekspress Finance (in foundation), which will also become a 100% subsidiary undertaking of AS Ekspress Grupp.

The amount of share capital of the undertaking in foundation is 100,000 Euros. Gunnar Kobin will become the director of OÜ Ekspress Finance (in foundation) while continuing to be a member of the management board of AS Ekspress Grupp.

The foundation of the new undertaking by way of separation shall not be treated as acquisition of significant shareholding in the meaning of section “Listing Rules” of NASDAQ OMX Tallinn Rules and Regulations, and it shall not have a significant impact on the activities of the group of undertakings of AS Ekspress Grupp. Members of the supervisory board and the management board of AS Ekspress Grupp are not otherwise personally interested in the transaction. No advantages will be given to members of the management board or the supervisory board of undertakings participating in the division.


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