Sales in December 11.01

The Group's sales in December increased by 8.2% compared to the same period last year. Delfi Estonia and Delfi Latvia were the largest contributors to the growth, Delfi Latvia grew by 41.7% compared to the same month previous year. The periodicals segment remained close to the previous year's level, decreasing by 1.5%. Advertising sales of almost all the publishing companies increased compared to same period last year. The printing services segment continued to grow, being 9.7% better than previous year. 
Revenues by segment - December, th EEK
Segment20102009Change %
Online media12 1309 36829.5%
Periodicals33 40833 933-1.5%
Printing services35 01831 9089.7%
Inter-segment sales(4 010)(4 456)10%
TOTAL76 71370 8678.2%

Revenues by segment - December, th EUR
Segment20102009Change %
Online media77559929.5%
Periodicals2 1352 169-1.5%
Printing services2 2382 0399.7%
Inter-segment sales(256)(285)10%
TOTAL4 9034 5298.2%


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