Sales in February 10.03

The Group's sales in February increased by 19.1% compared to the same period last year. The printing services segment delivered a powerful result increasing by 25.4%, supported by export. The online media segment grew by 30.1%.
Delfi Lithuania was the largest contributor to the growth, which was mainly supported by the local elections in Lithuania. In Estonia and Lithuania, the growth was equally 17%. The periodicals segment increased by 5.5%. The Group's Lithuanian magazine publisher, Estonian magazine publisher and Õhtuleht increased their advertising sales the most. The revenues of subscriptions and single copy sales remained in recession for all publishing companies.

 Revenues by segment - February, th EUR

Segment20112010Change %
Online media69153130.1%
Periodicals1 7891 6965.5%
Printing services2 1331 70125.4%
Inter-segment sales(228)(255)10.6%
TOTAL4 3943 68919.1%


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