Sales in February 12.03

The Group’s sales in February decreased by 6.8% compared to the same period last year mainly because of the decline in the printing services segment. The 18.2% decline in the printing services segment was due to several large export projects being delayed and finished. The decrease in the services was somewhat lower, i.e. 10%. The online media segment increased the sales by 9.3%. Despite the continuing recession in the advertising market, the periodicals segment sales remained at the same level compared to the same month previous year.  Again, this was supported by the sales of the DVD series which after 45 weeks was completed in February.

Revenue by segment – February, th EUR

Segment20132012Change %
Online media8367659.3%
Periodicals1 9271 9190.4%
Printing services2 0452 501-18.2%
TOTAL4 4684 794-6.8%


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