Sales in January 13.02

The Group’s sales in the first month of 2012 increased by 12.5%. Printing services segment showed a particularly good result increasing the sales by ca 19% in one of the worst months of the year. Online media segment grew by 15.4% in January. Delfi in all the Baltic countries increased the sales by 14-16%. The sales of Delfi Ukraine increased by 100% but it’s impact on the segment turnover is not yet significant. It should be noted that turnover recognition principles of Delfi Lithuania were adjusted therefore the comparable data of 2011 was changed as well. The change had no effect on Group’s profit. The periodicals segment increased by 7.6%. When eliminating the impact of the acquisition of Eesti Päevalehe AS, the periodicals segment decreased by 5.9% (due to declined book publishing).  The advertising sales increased and distribution revenue remained in the previous year’s level.

Revenue by segment – January, th EUR

Segment20122011Change %
Online media54046815.4%
Periodicals1 6991 5797.6%
Printing services2 0181 69718.9%
TOTAL3 9843 54212.5%



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