Sales in July 10.08

The Group’s sales in July decreased by 2.1% compared to the same period previous year. This is increasing seasonal trend, which in media companies is related to extraordinary hot summer and consequently to slowdown in economic activity. The advertising sales decreased almost in all markets, except for Latvia where the comparison basis from the previous year was low. In the printing services segment the total sales decreased but the print sales increased. The decrease in total sales is due to the increase in the number of clients who only buy printing service and provide their own paper.

Revenue by segment – July, th EUR

Segment20112010Change %
Online media542564-3.9%
Periodicals1 6451 6340.7%
Printing services1 5611 621-3.7%
Inter-segment sales(252)(230)-9.6%
TOTAL3 5223 598-2.1%



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