Sales in March 12.04

The Group’s sales in March increased by 4.7% compared to the same period previous year. The online media segment increased by 27% with Delfi Lithuania showing a particularly strong result. The periodicals segment surprised positively with a minimal decrease of 1.5%, already including the impact of the acquisition of Eesti Päevaleht. The result of Eesti Päevalehe AS has been consolidated 100% since March last year. The decrease in the periodicals segment is primarily affected by the decline in book publishing sales, as well as reduced editing of customer newsletters. The advertising revenue (except Eesti Päevaleht) increased compared to last year. Single copy sales increased but subscription sales showed a decline of 1%. The printing services segment increased by 8.2% as a result of export.

Revenue by segment – March, th EUR

Segment20122011Change %
Online media88269327.3%
Periodicals2 1602 194-1.5%
Printing services2 8572 6408.2%
TOTAL5 4515 2084.7%



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