Sales in March 10.04

The Group’s sales in March decreased by 3% compared to the same period last year. The 8.2% decline in the printing services segment is mainly caused by the revenue decrease in paper sales. In the printing services, the decline was significantly lower reaching 2.3%. In contrast, the online media segment increased the sales by 12.8%. The periodicals segment -5.5% result is due to one less publication of weeklies compared to last year, termination of the DVD-series and hence the decline in single copy sales. However, the general weakness and volatility of the print media advertising market affects the periodicals segment result the most.

Revenue by segment – March, th EUR

Segment20132012Change %
Online media99588212.8%
Periodicals2 0422 160-5.5%
Printing services2 6242 857-8.2%
TOTAL5 2795 444-3.0%


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