Sales in October 10.11

The Group’s sales in October increased by 9.1% compared to the same period previous year. When eliminating the impact of the increased shareholding in Eesti Päevalehe AS from the sales growth, the sales increased by 4.2%.

In the online media segment, the sales increased by 13.2%, thereby the sales of all three Delfis in the Baltic States grew at a comparable rate. In the printing services segment, the sales increased by 9.7% and the periodicals segment sales increased by 9.6%. By eliminating the impact of the acquisition of Eesti Päevalehe AS in the periodicals segment, the advertising sales increased by 2.7 %, subscriptions sales remained at the same level and single copy sales decreased by 3.4%.

Revenue by segment – October, th EUR

Segment20112010Change %
Online media78769513.2%
Periodicals2 0731 8919.6%
Printing services2 7272 4869.7%
Inter-segment sales(313)(228)-37.3%
TOTAL5 2974 8549.1%


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