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The results of digital subscriptions for the 4th quarter of 2022 were published in January. The number of digital subscriptions in the Baltic States was 12% higher than a year earlier and totalled 146 608 at the end of December 2022.

The Supervisory Board of AS Express Post, 50% of which is owned by AS Ekspress Grupp, decided to liquidate the home delivery service business of Express Post by the end of 2023.

The highlight in March was the coverage of general elections. Delfi election studio, produced by Delfi Meedia’s Delfi TV and with the highest journalistic and technical quality in its history, attracted approximately 100 000 viewers. The election debate of Kaja Kallas and Martin Helme triggered a lively debate in the society.

Sales revenue of AS Ekspress Grupp in the 1st quarter of 2023 increased by 25% to EUR 16.8 million and EBITDA increased by 87% to EUR 1.2 million. As expected, due to the seasonality, the Group’s net operating loss in the 1st quarter of 2023 totalled EUR 0.4 million which is 20% lower than a year earlier. Digital revenue made up 80% of the Group’s total revenue at the end of March.

According to the results of digital subscriptions for the 3rd quarter of 2023, the number of digital subscriptions of AS Ekspress Grupp in all Baltic States increased by 30% as compared to a year earlier (Q3: 2%, nine months: 23%) and at the end of September totalled 179 753.

AS Õhtuleht Kirjastus, 50% of which is owned by AS Ekspress Grupp, entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of AS Express Post, half-owned by Estonia’s two largest media enterprises AS Ekspress Grupp and AS Postimees Grupp. The transaction will be completed by 30 April 2024 at the latest after the terms and conditions required for the completion of the transaction are fulfilled.


In the fourth quarter of 2021, digital subscriptions in the Baltic countries were 62 percent higher than a year earlier and totalled 130,731 at the end of December 2021.

 Shareholders of AS Ekspress Grupp approved a share option program, according to which the underlying assets of the options issued by Geenius Meedia in 2020 will be replaced and holders of options will become entitled to acquire up to 371,000 shares of Ekspress Grupp.

 Ekspress Grupp acquired Lithuanian news agency ELTA. The main goal of this deal is to strengthen and modernize a news agency with a hundred-year experience so that it becomes a modern, competitive, and objective source of journalism for the Lithuanian media and foreign channels.

 AS Ekspress Meedia, subsidiary of AS Ekspress Grupp, started operating under the business name of Delfi Meedia AS. Delfi has become the most recognised media brand in the Baltic states and since the recognition of Delfi is very high among media consumers, it was decided to adapt the name of the strongest digital brand.

 AS Ekspress Grupp acquires UAB Lrytas, manager of Lithuanian media portal lrytas.lt. The news portal has an average of over 420,000 readers a day and the portal’s advertising revenues total approximately EUR 3 million a year. UAB Lrytas has over 50 employees.


Latvian company SIA D Screens purchased an outdoor screen network with five screens in Riga from DIMAXI. This transaction increased the screen network of D Screens to 14 screens. The Group continues to actively invest in its outdoor media network both in Latvia and in Estonia.

Delfi Estonia launched a portal with new re-engineered and re-designed visual layout. In addition, also the technological platform and internal tools of the editorial office were upgraded.

SIA D Screens won the second auction of lease rights for the real estate owned by Riga's municipality. The lease consists of 91 advertising spaces owned by Riga’s municipality and allows the company to increase its network to more than 100 screens.

The Group launched Piletitasku – a new ticket sales platform in Estonia that was well received by event organisers and ticket buyers.

In accordance with the resolution of the extraordinary general meeting of AS Ekspress Grupp as of 13 July 2021, AS Ekspress Grupp and OÜ Trükitung signed on 3 September 2021 a sales agreement by which Ekspress Grupp sells all its shares of Printall to Trükitung OÜ.

AS Ekspress Grupp acquired the media company Geenius Meedia OÜ to grow the digital media business and expand into a niche that the group publications do not yet regularly cover. After the transaction, Geenius Meedia OÜ will continue to operate as a separate media company and its main founders Hendrik Roonemaa and Siim Saidla will remain actively involved in the company’s management and daily operations.


The Supervisory Board of AS Ekspress Grupp decided to merge UAB Login Conferences with UAB Delfi in Lithuania and dissolve the company UAB Sport Media. SIA Delfi Entertainment was dissolved in Latvia.

Ekspress Meedia consolidated all events that have taken or will take place into the portal Delfi Elamus.

Delfi Lithuania was the first portal to introduce a new visual identity that Delfi will also adopt in Estonia and Latvia.

Delfi Lithuania reached a new record of paid digital subscriptions related to the new Delfi Plius service.

Delfi Latvia launched a sports vertical www.mvp.lv with new subscription options.


In March, through its Lithuanian subsidiary Ekspress Grupp acquires UAB Login Conferences that is the organiser of the largest local technology and innovation conference “Login” in order to enter the conference organisation market.

Ekspress Grupp acquires a 100% ownership interest in Linna Ekraanid OÜ that is engaged in digital out-of-home advertising sales in order to create prerequisites for the Group to launch a new business line and thereby grow its portfolio of operating areas.

In June, Ekspress Grupp acquires the Latvian ticket sales platform SIA Biļešu Paradīze in order to expand into new business sectors and increase the share of the Group’s digital revenue.

In October, Ekspress Grupp issues 5000 bonds via a private placement for the pension funds managed by LHV Varahaldus, each with the nominal value of 1000 euros and interest rate of 6 per cent per year.

Delfi Latvia acquires a 25.5% ownership interest in SIA Altero that manages the comparison and brokerage portals for financial products both in Latvia and Lithuania.


Ekspress Grupp expands with digital out-of-home screens to Tartu, acquiring the digital out-of-home advertising company LedScreen OÜ.

One part of the largest magazine publisher AS Ajakirjade Kirjastus is merged with the Group’s subsidiary Ekspress Meedia and the other one with the joint venture SL Õhtuleht. Ekspress Meedia starts to publish the publisher’s former monthly magazines (Eesti Naine, Anne ja Stiil, Pere ja Kodu, Oma Maitse, Tervis Pluss and Jana) and the weekly magazine Kroonika. Ajakirjade Kirjastus together with the remaining magazines is combined with AS SL Õhtuleht and following the merger, the companies continue their operations under the name of AS Õhtuleht Kirjastus.

The marketing and sales activities of the Group’s real estate portal Kinnisvara24.ee are launched in full.


Delfi Latvia acquires ACM LV that provides digital out-of-home advertising solutions in Latvia.

Ekspress Grupp acquires a 100% ownership interest in UAB Adnet Media that is the largest Baltic online advertising company managing an advertising network.

Ekspress Grupp establishes Kinnisvarakeskkond OÜ, an associate developing and managing a real estate portal.

Ekspress Grupp merges its subsidiary OÜ Hea Lugu and the book publishing unit of the joint venture AS Ajakirjade Kirjastus. The merged publishers continue under the business name of Hea Lugu.

Ekspress Grupp invests in the Estonian start-up company Zlick LTD that intermediates micro payments.

Delfi Lithuania sells its magazine publishing business and focuses on online media development.


Ekspress Grupp acquires a 50% ownership interest in Linna Ekraanid OÜ that is engaged in digital out-of-home advertising sales in Estonia. The purpose is to create prerequisites for launch of a new business line and expand the portfolio of the Group’s operating areas.

In September, Ekspress Grupp acquires a 49% ownership interest in Babahh Media OÜ that is engaged in the sale of infrastructure solutions related to video production, media solutions and videos in Estonia. The purpose is to expand its business in the fast-evolving Internet video production and transmission area.


Ekspress Grupp merges AS Eesti Ajalehed and AS Delfi, the merged public limited company continues under the name of Ekspress Meedia.

Ekspress Grupp establishes the subsidiary OÜ Zave Media that develops the discount offer portal Zave.


Ekspress Grupp sells its 100% ownership interest in LLC Delfi and discontinues operations in Ukraine, due to the failure of the local web portals to become profitable.

In Lithuania, the magazine publishing company Ekspress Leidyba is merged with Delfi to create synergy by combining similar operations.

Organisation of entertainment events is launched as a new business line.


Delfi Latvia acquires Latvia’s most popular web portal targeted at future and young mothers.

Grupp acquires a 49% ownership interest in the Lithuanian company UAB Adnet Media that is engaged in online advertising sales in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The purpose of the acquisition is to expand the portfolio of advertising products in the online media segment.

Delfi Lithuania acquires a 51% ownership interest in UAB Sport Media that owns the portal sportotv.lt and has the exclusive right for online broadcasting of the key basketball events of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation over the next nine years. The transaction enables live broadcasting of up to 600 sports events per year and creates a unique online sales product.


Delfi Lithuania acquires one of Lithuania’s oldest and most well-known online advertisement brands Alio reklama. With the acquisition of Alio, Delfi makes a decisive step to reinforce its leadership position in the Lithuanian online market. The transaction also opens a new important source of revenue – paid classified ads portals.


Ekspress Grupp acquires a 100% ownership interest in Eesti Päevalehe AS and merges the acquired company with AS Eesti Ajalehed, enabling both organisational as well as marketing efficiencies.

Ekspress Grupp establishes a new book publishing company Hea Lugu, combining all book publishing operations of the brands Eesti Ekspress, Maaleht and Eesti Päevaleht. Pooling of expertise enables the company to increase its competitive advantage, while preserving the support of its media brands.


Ekspress Grupp sells AS Rahva Raamat and AS Ekspress Hotline in order to focus on its key activities in printing and digital media.

In cooperation with the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment, Delfi Lithuania launches an environmental portal with the budget of almost one million euros.

In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Delfi launches a new business line, i.e. free classified ads portal


Ekspress Grupp issues 1 877 760 shares, each for a price of EEK 15 per share.
Ekspress Grupp decides to dispose of Ekspress Hotline Grupp.
Ekspress Grupp issues one thousand bonds, each with the nominal value of EUR 1100.


Delfi launches an entertainment portal in all Baltic States.

Ekspress Grupp strengthens its position in book sales by opening three new stores.


Initial public offering of AS Ekspress Grupp, investors are offered a total of 5 321 481 shares. The shares are listed in the main list of the Tallinn Stock Exchange at 5 April 2007.

AS Ekspress Hotline establishes subsidiary in Romania.

Ekspress Grupp acquires AS Maaleht, a publisher of Maaleht.

Ekspress Grupp acquires Delfi Grupp, i.e. Delfi Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As a result of the transaction, Ekspress Grupp becomes the largest company operating in the online media sector in the Baltic States.


Ekspress Grupp sells its ownership interest in AS Bravocom Mobiil and becomes the sole shareholder of AS Ekspress Hotline.

The book retail sale company Rahva Raamat and wholesale company Raamatuvara are merged. The company continues its operations under the name of Rahva Raamat. The change enables to combine the book sales activities under one management and increase efficiency.

The Group focuses on reinforcing its online presence that is the fastest growing part of the media market.

Ekspress Grupp acquires OÜ Autocentrum that later becomes OÜ Ekspress Internet, engaged in the management of classified ads and entertainment portals.


Due to the readers moving more online, OÜ Netikuulutused is established, operating job search and real estate portals.

Book wholesale activities are moved to the acquired company AS Raamatuvaramu.

In Lithuania, the publishers Mano Namai and Tavo Vaikas are acquired with their five well-known magazines to take over the book publishing segment.

A new activity is launched, i.e. information services, 50% of which is provided by the acquired company AS Ekspress Hotline


The printing house Printall launches its operations in a new building and with new equipment, marking successful completion of a major investment.

An important strategic initiative is the Baltic expansion – the Group acquires two magazine publishers in Lithuania and together with them, 50% in the magazine wholesale publishing company UAB Medipresa.

A new business area is book sales – the Group acquires AS Rahva Raamat and opens the largest Baltic book store in Viru Centre.


The construction of the new building of Printall is launched.


On 1 July, the company is named AS Ekspress Grupp.