Edward Salmus

Ekspress Grupp - Customer support manager
Working since 2012

In 2012, I started to work at a company of Ekspress Grupp that used to be called Delfi AS. I applied for a job of an IT specialist and an employment contract was concluded with me right after the interview. In hindsight, it was a life-changing decision, in a positive sense.

At the time, my main tasks included management of twenty or so personal computers. Today, as a consequence of a merger of all companies, I am responsible for the operation of more than 500 personal computers and I manage the administrative process in a more integrated way. What I love most about my job is the team and working together with it. I feel we breathe the same air. Due to the nature of our business, the challenge in my work is finding necessary and appropriate devices for my colleagues.

A media company is inevitably moving towards the digital world. We need to keep pace with the growing trend and offer interesting content on various platforms.  I believe that in five years the paper product will practically disappear and will become a niche product, we will focus more on the online content and streaming. Who knows, perhaps we will watch DelfiTV on our television screens along with other channels.

Ekspress Grupp will be a strong and stable employer. We will keep pace with new trends and make sure that our business will also thrive in the future. Due to the new trends we need to shift our business focus more on the one or the other side and this will enable us to stay firm. Personally, I am very satisfied with my one-time decision to start a career at Ekspress Grupp.