Vaidas Saldižunas

Delfi UAB - Defence editor
Working since 2016

I started writing for DELFI in the summer of 2015 and full time since 2016. I am the defense editor, a unique position no other media outlet has, hence the reason, that satisfies fulfillment of my professional knowledge, skills and experience. My main tasks are to cover defense topics as well as project on combating the disinformation (

I like the flexibility, conditions my job allows, a wide and personally interesting range of topics, complexity of it as well as the ability to write in a way, that I chose and eventually make a difference, cause impact in broader sense.

My company has a slogan: only forwards and it makes up to it as it is indeed moving forward into capturing more topics in many other ways, including TV, interactive projects, not to mention it is profitable.
In 5 years I imagine we will be stronger, more innovative and able to reach more audience, while journalists will be more satisfied with their daily routine and conditions.

As for the suggestions regarding the Ekspress grupp, I have only one: do it, join it and you won’t regret it.